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What are CryptoPlates?

CryptoPlates is an elite and first-of-a-kind NFT car plates collection inspired by the exclusivity of holding a unique car license plate in the UAE. In Dubai where driving a supercar doesn’t speak loud enough about your status in society, car plates speak volumes.


CryptoPlates aims to move the car plates trading from the physical shape to digital art. Our mission is to use the billion dirham hobby and culture that already exists in real life, and transfer it into the digital world of NFT’s.

Building on our own unique history,
we are charting the course to what we envision next.

Our vision just got bigger! Will you join us for the ride, or be left behind? #yourdigitalstatussymbol

CryptoPlates Categories

CryptoPlates NFTs Collection has limited supply.

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What is an NFT?

To put it simply, an NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital asset registered and verifiable on the blockchain via the smart contract. Each NFT token has its own attributes and characteristics, and no two are the same. It is yours and yours alone! When you buy an NFT, you can do whatever you want with it. Show it off, own it forever, trade it with someone else, or sell it for a profit!

What is CryptoPlates NFT?

CryptoPlate NFT is a non-fungible token that consists of a letter and number/s combination, and it’s part of our CryptoPlates NFT collection.
CryptoPlates is an elite and one of the kind NFT car plates collection inspired by the exclusivity of holding a unique car license plate in the UAE. In Dubai, where driving a supercar does not speak loud enough about one’s status in society, car plates speak volumes.
We created CryptoPlates to give you a second chance to gain a status symbol or reconfirm the existing one and/or upgrade it to another level, the digital one!

Why license plates?

Did you know that Car License (Number) plates were invented as a way to show off your wealth, power, and social status? And that ever since they were introduced, they have been used as an indicator of one's social rank and importance in society?
In the city of Dubai, we built our own sub-culture of value, rooted in artifacts that are uniquely our own. While the well-known culture of collecting and owning car license plates is a worldwide trend, the UAE has been host to a new asset class of value: a billion-dirham hobby. A social status game of prestige. Where one-digit license plate holders get to sit on the throne but two, three, or four digits holders ain’t left far behind.

Does Buying a CryptoPlate NFT give you a physical plate also?

NO, it does not. CryptoPlates is strictly a digital art. It is an NFT. The inspiration behind CryptoPlates are physical Dubai car license plates but that is where it ends! They are merely an inspiration.
When you buy CryptoPlates you are buying into the world of the digital elite.

How is the value of a CryptoPlates NFT determined?

All CryptoPlates are elite, the only difference is how elite.
The specific value of each CryptoPlates NFT depends on the alphabet letter and number of digits used. You can find more about the CryptoPlates categories here.

CryptoPlates are digital luxurious assets, and they are rare. For a reason we have unique number of CriptoPlates NFTs.

How do I create CryptoPlates NFT?

You will be able to pick & create a CryptoPlates NFT with your choice of letter/numbers. The process will be done via the “search engine” on our website which will allow you to choose your desired combination and show you its availability. While choosing your CryptoPlates NFT, be aware that our collection has limited supply.
The process of creating your NFT is called minting, and the most popular and widely accepted way to do it is via the Ethereum blockchain.
An important thing to note is that each transaction on the the Ethereum blockchain is subject to a gas fee. Read more about the gas fee here.

* Minting will be done via our website; the minting page will be available on for you to explore close to the day of our launch.

What is a gas fee?

A Gas fee is an amount of Ether (ETH) paid to the miners who do the work of adding your transaction to the blockchain. This fee is based on how much work it takes to process your transaction and how busy the network is at the moment of your request.

Where do I keep my NFT? What is a Crypto wallet?

You will need a wallet to store your NFT. However, not just any wallet, but a Crypto one! Crypto Wallet is a piece of hardware or software (an app), used to safeguard all your Crypto and NFT assets.
There are two types of wallets: cold wallets and hot wallets. The difference between the two types is that cold wallets use offline storage, while hot wallets are linked to the internet.
Amongst the many wallet services available nowadays on the market, the MetaMask has been the most popular one among the users, especially for storing NFTs.
It’s up to you to choose the wallet that suits you the best, however the same rules apply to every single one! Keep your private key PRIVATE, stored safely in a place only you have access to. Also, don’t lose it! Cause if you do, your NFT will be lost forever!

Have you considered donating to any charity?

Giving back is part of our team’s main mission, hence we are thrilled to say that 1% of our total project value will be forwarded into a fund reserved for the charity donations. Our intention is to try and make the world a better place to live in, and we need your help in achieving it.
The process of choosing one of the suggested charities we’d like to contribute to will be open for voting on our social media channels, where our community will help us make the best decision.

Meet the Team!

We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and passionate individuals gathered together from all around the world in Dubai. Our mission is to be digital front-runners. Our vision is to complete the circle, from physical to digital, and back. We have a passion for what is new, innovative, and exciting. Diverse range of skills allow us to cover all fields needed for project development and its success.

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Chief Idea Officer

Long-term Dubaian, ex-football player turned entrepreneur, Ivan has been an early Crypto and NFT adopter, and the unstoppable idea-factory with a mission to merge our digital and real worlds.


Story Crafter

A world-traveler, aspiring writer and photographer, Jelena’s superpowers include turning ideas into action, trends into products and all-round zen energy multiplier.


Master MultiTasker

Multi-talented marketeer and artist, Nina turned one of her first paintings into an NFT. A task-ninja with a gift to find the glitch in any system and the solution to every challenge.


Social SpiceAdviser

Energy is Anuzin’s middle name. A radar of all things NFT, she has a granular eye for detail and the gift of communicating with style and substance in one power shot.


Techno Geek

From irreplaceable tech guru, designer and photographer to NFT artist and professional problem solver, Adam has been a believer from day one. He is our go-to guy for all things Google can’t answer yet.



Dubai-raised investor, entrepreneur and storyteller, Danish is the perpetual anti-disciplinary turning dream bets into real-world gold.


Creator of Opportunities

An entrepreneur by blood, a leader of pirates, Fouad is the definition of passion meets experience who doesn’t rest until things get made.


Web Welder

Engineer’s brain who found peace in coding and became a restless code explorer.


Legal Brain

Senior legal executive for some of the world’s largest companies. Anthony has been involved in the crypto space for over three years now and ensures that our mission is in line with relevant regulation. This guy’s got our back.

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